psych drugs for depressive anxiety types

Hey, I'm sorry if this is too intrusive, but I was looking into new psych options and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions? I've been doing talk therapy and taking pristiq for nearly a year now, and while its helped a lot i dont feel like im any less anxious , in functional terms. I know why its happening but im not better at dealing with it.

So my question is - im thinking about changing medications and looking into other treatment methods, what else is out therr for depressive anxiety types?


Honestly I am so far from an expert in terms of psych meds that it's almost laughable. I'm not pro-drugs or anti-drugs really but I am a person who has never felt like I've benefited from drugs, that is except for like those immediate acting drugs like valium etc etc, cause like, there's a reason they're so addictive, cause they make the anxiety just forget its own existence. That being said, I've always been real wary of using those too much, which is I guess why mostly I just stick it out and go drug free.

If you are keen on the drug route I'd really suggest a psychiatrist (I'm not sure if you have one). They do a tonne of training in that area and that's kind of their whole bag. 

I'm curious though about how you say you know why it's happening, but you feel you're not better at dealing with it. I can understand being in that situation, but I'm wondering what dealing with it better might look like?