That time that I spent a month down at the Docklands doing pseudo-science personality tests in an effort to understand the business-folk.

Honor Eastly Docklands Research Centre

The Dockland's precinct is known to the progressive peoplement as being a bit of a cultural-hole; full of new development and big sculptures and not much "realness". This project was some kind of crazed effort to understand the place, meet the people, get it a little bit more.

Honor Eastly Docklands Research Centre sex life

Artist statement:

Established in early 2011, the Docklands Research Centre aims to enhance and contribute to public knowledge and community appreciation. Functioning within Victoria Harbour, the Docklands Research Centre has been implemented to contribute to community betterment. From this research, we are able to develop an understanding of the breadth of individuals who live, work and breathe Docklands. As they say, the wind blows better at Docklands, so we’re here to find out why.

Do you want to learn more about yourself and those around you? Then come and visit our on-site research centre. Open 12–2pm Monday to Friday from the 6th to 29th May.

Honor Eastly Docklands Research Centre front
Honor Eastly