I’m a human person from Melbourne, Australia. I write things, make things, sing things. My ongoing obsessions include mental illness, feminism, sex, psychology and the meaning of it all.

There several different flavours you can find of me:

The Email List - things every sometimes (every month or so), usually writing,
sometimes video, only the best stuff
Facebook - is where a lot of it’s at atm
Twitter - mostly stupid jokes and making friends
Insta - nice stuff I like, my life and good peoples


This is my holed-up shag pile corner of the internet. Without lack of trying and angst, I don’t know how to “display” my “wares” well here, so it’s a bit of a mish mash. There’s some writing bits, and music bits, and there’s a scary “Projects” page that I haven’t finished (there’s only a couple of things up there now) but I imagine will eventually house a lot of everything. At the moment I have 4 terabytes of past projects and regret that I didn’t start an organisational system from the beginning. So it’ll take a little while, but I’ll get there. 




honor eastly's work is always marked by painful honesty. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes sombre, but always revealing.

Honor Eastly is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She creates theatre shows, music, spoken word, web-based projects, publications, sculptural installations and anything else she can get her hands on. Like Mies Van Der Rohe, she is a “form follows function” artist, where the medium is dictated by the concept and is often disguised as something else – a comedy show, a consumer product, a dance class. Her work is often outrageous and vulgar and other times quiet and heartfelt, containing a sense of wit and honesty that is unique to her bumbling curiosity. With an unrelenting interest in the taboos and outliers of society she uses her own story and exposure to test social limits and herself.


Recently Eastly's work has been shown at Melbourne Now, The National Gallery of Victoria, The Gallery of New South Wales and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to sold-out audiences. She was selected for the Victoria Harbour Young Artist Initiative twice, in 2009 and 2010 and was a finalist for the national Footlocker Art Prize. Her 2011 work This Is Your Song was selected for the National Graduate Show at PICA and received an Honourable Mention for the Doctor Harold Schoenberg Art Prize. In 2008 she received the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Award and the Contemporary Sculptors Inc. Award for her installation work “Light” at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.