We Did An Amazing Thing

(What is this all about? Click here for the original campaign post)

About month ago you did a good thing and told the powers that be how shit you thought the shit sandwich (i.e. Medicare) is. The campaign reached all states and territories of Australia as well as the USA, Europe and our buddies in New Zealand and landed itself all over the internet (with over 3k Facebook shares alone!)

As a result, the contributions from the campaign accounted to 8% of all the submissions. Eight. Fucking. Percent. Holy shit. That means at least 8% of the submissions to the review will be calling for better mental health services. 

One thing that's hard about mental illness, and the shame that comes with it, is that it stops people from speaking up. This results in two things:
1. Shit services
2. Feeling very alone

You've all done your bit to remedy the first, and to help remedy the second I did something really daggy and made an interactive map to show you where all the badges have found homes. I hope it solidifies the idea that You're. Never. Alone.

But all this couldn't have been achieved without every single one of you. Thank you for sharing, spreading and contributing. It means the world to me and the half of all Australians who will suffer from mental illness. A special thanks to those who bought badges, and the kind souls who donated money to cover my absolute underestimation of postage costs. You are stellar. 

Lastly, because so many of you dug the badges (someone even asked me if they could get the design tattooed on themselves!) I'm looking into making some No Feeling Is Final enamel lapel pins, which will be much sturdier, so the message will last longer. Keep an eye out for those early next year.

H x

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