2013 - 2014

A comedy panel show all about my favourite topic: SEX.

That Sexy Show Honor Eastly

This project is on long-term hiatus after I got really sick in 2014 and my co-producer, Peter C. Hayward had to move on to other things. 

This is another "thing disguised as another thing" project (they all are really) where I wanted to make a space where we could talk about sex free from shame and stigma, (and also free from the heaviness associated with most politically correct spaces) and ended up making a comedy panel show. The show celebrated sex in all flavours - vanilla, kinky, queer, curious - and was absolutely absurd. 

Once we played a game where guests had to sing monster-based literotica to the tune of Madonna whilst being accompanied by bum-drumming (bum-drumming is exactly what you think it is).

Partners in crime:
Captains: the fabulous Geraldine Hickey and Adam Knox
Previous team captains: Jessie Ngaio (Slutmonster and Friends) and Lisa-Skye
Producer and all round amazing person: Peter C. Hayward

Guests included:
Luke McGregor - ABC's Utopia, It's a Date Dirty Laundry Live
Celia Pacquola - ABC's Utopia & Ten's Offspring
Fiona Patten - Leader of the Australian Sex Party
Tom Ward - ABC's Please Like Me
Die Roten Punkte
Gala Vanting - Sensate Films
Ben McKenzie
Cyndi Darnell - sex therapist

‘Expect dirty, pre-empt kinky, and top it off with a huge gooey dollop of brutal truth’ - YAWP Magazine

Honor Eastly